The capocollo in natural casing is obtained from the "black sabino" native pig born, bred in the semi-wild state, slaughtered, transformed seasoned on the Amatrician Sabine lands enclosed in the quadrilateral between Amatrice - Campotosto - Leonessa - Cascia and Norcia, territories between 800 - 1000 m slm Our capocollo comes from the Grisciano di "Nero Sabino" farm; born, bred, slaughtered, transformed and seasoned on the Amatriciane lands.

Weight 200 g. ABOUT

Cooperativa Agricola Zootecnica Grisciano COOPERATIVA GRISCIANO | Coopdom - Eccellenze Bio a Domicilio

immersed in the greenery, between the Monti della Laga and the Sibillini, on the border between Lazo, Marche,

Abruzzo and Umbria, along the via Salaria you will find the Agricultural Cooperative Zootecnica Grisciano .... the ideal place to spend your holidays, relax and enter contact with nature and the rural world.

Our company is first of all a farm and zootechnics: we breed outdoors in the pastures of the Laga mountains and in an organic regime Marche cattle, black pigs and sheep; we grow seasonal vegetables and fodder for our animals.

The products are processed in the company and arrive directly on the table to guarantee genuine and healthy flavors for our guests.

In addition to the small restaurant where you can taste our specialties, the farmhouse offers 5 rooms with bathroom for a total of 13 beds

There is also a small shop where you can buy our products-

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Sausage Organic black ROCCINO CAPOCOLLO - sliced ​​200 g - vacuum packed

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