• Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml Le Fascine in bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml Le Fascine in bottle

Le Fascine Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml



The Provencal extra virgin olive oil produced by the Le Fascine oil mill is obtained from the Peranzana cultivar of the same name.


It is grown exclusively in a restricted area of ​​Puglia, identifiable in the countryside (of three municipalities of the Capitanata in northern Puglia) of the municipalities of Torremaggiore, San Severo and San Paolo di Civitate - Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie - in the province of Foggia.


 It seems that the introduction of Provencal on our lands may have occurred around 1700 by the French. The presence of old trees proves its authenticity.


 This particular type of extra virgin olive oil is highly appreciated by workers in the sector because, by them, it is considered among the best ten cultivars in the world.


 The one we produce and selected is a mono varietal oil since it derives exclusively from Provencale with well-defined organoleptic properties and characteristics such as: herb leaf, almond and artichoke. With a complete, fruity, pleasant and balanced taste.


 The yield of the Provencal olive is not high in terms of production (about 10-15%) to the advantage of the high polyphenol content and very low acidity content.


Harvesting on the plant is the first of the cornerstones of our production process. Olives must not fall to the ground.


 The olives collected are immediately transported, in ventilated crates, to our oil mill, a few kilometers away from the harvesting land, thus allowing the milling within 24 hours.


The milling takes place by mechanical pressing with cold extraction.


Oil extraction requires various stages of the process:








 The storage of the extra virgin olive oil obtained takes place in air-conditioned and controlled temperature environments, and allows the decanting of the product before its bottling.


The oil behind our label comes from olives harvested in a particular week of the year.


Always the same since 1985.


This is the secret that has been kept and handed down for three generations and that make our oil a unique experience.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml Le Fascine in bottle

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